The early records for Faith United show that an organization known as the Young People's Bible Meeting was holding regular meetings for study. The first English service was held on January 13, 1889, when it was decided to hold regular preaching services. On May 20, 1973, United Church of Christ and Winthrop Methodist Church merged to become Faith United Church.


A noble band in eighty-nine did meet in glad array;
To organize a Christian Church for service and to pray.
Though small in number, they had faith and courage, hope and fear;
In time more souls did join their rank which gave them strength and cheer.
And through the years great gains were made
they built anew their church; in sacrifice and labors grand
Their duties ne'er did shirk.
This noble band of years ago have left for Heaven above;
Their mantle fell on other souls to carry on with love.
We pray each member of today will hold the work in hand;
And keep God's banner flying high throughout our mighty land.

By Rev. F.W. Gibson
Pastor 1923-1928

Faith United Church

"Our Mission: To Bring Faith, Peace, Healing and Salvation to All God's People"

202 East 4th St., Winthrop, MN 55396 | Phone: (507) 647-2393
Worship 9 am | Sunday School September-May 10 am
Pastor Eric Haugen | faithuc@whatagreatchurch.org

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